Odera Ekwunife

Profile Updated: March 24, 2015
Class Year: 2007

Nov. 23rd


OD, Ada Ekwunife :)

Current Education:

University of Maryland
Doctor of Pharmacy

George Washington University
Master of Public Health

Where Are You Now?


Hostel/House At GISS:

Hostel G! :D
Nnamdi Azikiwe House! I miss you all

Were You a Prefect? Which Post?

Yep. Hostel G capo, Catholic prefect :)

Favorite GISS Memories?

I'll just copy and paste from the FB group. Lol

-Countless days of all the hostel 'gists' and all the fun things we used to do in hostel..Looove Hostel G!

- The endless 'lights out' activities...including avoiding getting caught making noise by Uncle Agangan, Uncle PHE, ... lol!, soaking all the provisions (garri, cabin and milo!! my fave)

- Morning assembly, and the antics

- Of course morning jogging! When we would sing all those songs...'Which kin soup mama cook o?? Ogbono soup-ayy!'

-Dining, when we just received our posts...I still remember when Chidi Akuma made his first announcements as Dining Prefect..we were just waiting for him and his voice...R.I.P. Chidi

-Food and Nut. practicals in SS3 when we'd keep the stoves, cook and NEVER get caught lol :P

- Our excursions, going for Corpus Christi; The factory, etc

-Children's Day activities! Cultural dancing, march pass, all of that...And the good food :D

Least Fav. GISS Memories?

- "Tolo Tolo"

-That dreadful day in SS1 when they did searching...trashed our room, lined us up outside in front of the staff room, caned, and accused the SS1 girls of throwing pure water! Lol

-Also being punished OVERNIGHT with my hostel girls by Uncle Okolo...That night was craazy.

Your Most Memorable GISS Sayings/Slangs?

Lol, all of them

Who spoke that Tian?
TIAN, Tian, Tian...TABOIN!!

"I dey 'H' o!"

capital M-U-M-U

"on your flats dia!"

"Stop makin noise! Noooo Noise! (during night prep n esp. in the dining lol!)

i - DONT - e - VEN KNOW!!!

And many more.. lol

What Are the Lessons You Learned From GISS?

There are many.

Definitely, how to be more independent and think on my own when it comes time to make impt. decisions.

-There is always a time and place for everything

-Becoming more disciplined and understanding the more impt. things in life

-Giving me a whole different perspective on things and life in general

-As a prefect, Responsibilty was key...Also, learning and practicing Leading by Example with integrity

-All in all, GISS was a great experience, that I wouldn't change for anything

What Do You Miss Most About GISS?

Being able to live and learn with my friends and classmates

The daily activities we did, like assembly, going for dining/activities, hostel gists, 'browsing,' watching films upstairs, morning jogging, even night prep

Feeling cool with our threaded hairstyles. Lol

Soaking milo n cabin at 1 am and listening to the rechargeable radio while gisting with friends

Just the regular things and boarding school life of those days...Wouldn't trade it for anything :)

About Me:

I looved GISS and truly cherish all my memories and lessons I learned there.

I also can't wait for our GISS Reunion so we can all get together once again and "kick it like old times," and hope we all use this Alumni Website and Keep In Touch.

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Odera Ekwunife has a birthday today.
Nov 23, 2018 at 4:33 AM
Odera Ekwunife has a birthday today.
Nov 23, 2017 at 4:33 AM
Odera Ekwunife has a birthday today.
Nov 23, 2016 at 4:33 AM
Odera Ekwunife has a birthday today.
Nov 23, 2015 at 4:33 AM
Odera Ekwunife has a birthday today.
Nov 23, 2014 at 4:33 AM
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Posted: Jan 04, 2014 at 9:09 AM
Hostel G of life <3
Posted: Jan 04, 2014 at 9:10 AM
Goodtimes at GISS
Posted: Jan 04, 2014 at 9:10 AM
Aunty Ifeyinwa!
Posted: Jan 04, 2014 at 9:12 AM
GISS Visiting :)
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:42 AM
After the Ghandi drama...Rest in Perfect Peace Chidi
Posted: Jan 03, 2014 at 6:52 PM
Waaay back in JS3...goodtimes
Posted: Jan 03, 2014 at 6:52 PM
Azikiwe, Theresa, and Ghandi on Children's Day '05
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:42 AM
SS3 Alpha-Class of '07 (we're not complete though) I miss y'all!
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:42 AM
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:42 AM
Last day of Church at GISS *tear*