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•   Femi Adeyanju (2009)  7/14
•   Israel Balogun (Food And Nut. )  7/19
•   Nguwasen Begha (2007)  7/20
•   Marvellous Ubong (2007)  8/5
•   Uche Ossai (2006)  8/6
•   Justice Ndah (2004)  8/9
•   Akpoveta Ikanone (2007)  8/10
•   Njideka Chukwuma (2005)  8/11


What gift should GISS Alumni give back to Grundtvig?

  Monetary Donations
  Desks/Lockers for Classrooms
  Sports Equipment
  Water Borehole
  High-Definition Televisions
  Other. Please add suggestion in the GISS Discussion Board


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Who lives where - click links below to find out.

2 live in Alabama (USA)
1 lives in Connecticut (USA)
2 live in Delaware (USA)
1 lives in Florida (USA)
1 lives in Louisiana (USA)
2 live in Maryland (USA)
1 lives in New Jersey (USA)
1 lives in New York (USA)
3 live in Tennessee (USA)
1 lives in Texas (USA)
1 lives in Washington (USA)
1 lives in Wisconsin (USA)
1 lives in Alberta (Canada)
2 live in Manitoba (Canada)
1 lives in New Brunswick (Canada)
2 live in Ontario (Canada)
9 live in USA
4 live in Canada
1 lives in Cyprus
1 lives in Ghana
1 lives in Hungary
1 lives in Kenya
87 live in Nigeria
2 live in Saint Kitts and Nevis
1 lives in Trinidad and Tobago
1 lives in Turkey
1 lives in Ukraine
1 lives in United Arab Emirates
11 live in United Kingdom
138 location unknown
4 are deceased


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4. To ensure that the laws and orders are properly maintained and sustained by everyone

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