Adaobi Azubike

Profile Updated: July 2, 2009
Class Year: 2008



feb 21


mama zuby by ma mates (doby)


well as far so good am a current student of tennessee state university ans also on a full ride scholarship well you all are gonna be surprised but after i left grundtvig i changed my major to what i always intended to do that is been a pharmacist i am a freshman in college



Where Are You Now?

i am in the united state to be precised tennesse which is the home of country music the name of the city which i reside is nashville

Hostel/House At GISS:

well of course i was a resident in nelson mandela (the classic house lol aint we....)

Least Fav. GISS Memories?

when i heard the sad news that akuma wasnt anymore. when i got suspended lol

Favorite GISS Teachers?

macartin mark although he got one my nerves at time but he is so real

Your Most Memorable GISS Sayings/Slangs?

tian tabom,packo

What Are the Lessons You Learned From GISS?

make hay while the sun shines

What Do You Miss Most About GISS?

seeking to do stuff , morning jogging, yabbing teachers,stay together with all ma friends

About Me:

well as you all know i am a very outspoken and friendly person aint got time for crap i dislike people who pretend and also people who arent real

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