Melissa Dell

Profile Updated: June 30, 2009
Class Year: 2004
Yes! Attending Reunion

Jan 2ND





Where Are You Now?

I am back home in the Caribbean

Hostel/House At GISS:

Can't really remember the name of it, well at the time i was there we only occupied one hostel

Favorite GISS Memories?

Hmmmm lots

Least Fav. GISS Memories?

being in court Lol

Favorite GISS Teachers?

can't spell the name

Your Most Memorable GISS Sayings/Slangs?

I think then was "old school"

What Are the Lessons You Learned From GISS?

Be yourself - aim high

What Do You Miss Most About GISS?

I miss Art classes, music and my friends i made there

About Me:

I am a born Trinidad, my Aunt married a Nigerian my whole purpose of coming to Africa. Growing up in the Caribbean although we are mixed, we have very strong links to Africa.

The Caribbean is basically made of of Africans who were brought here to work a slaves. Many of our African ancestors shed blood, tears and there lives for us during this journey. As an Afro-Caribbean many of us long to returning to Africa "the mother-land".

They are a lot of conscious (African awareness) groups here in the Caribbean. Bob Marley alot more help spread these messages in their music, words, Martin Lurther King and so many more. We have not forgotten where we came from. The question is: "Has Africa forgotten us". I ask this because my stay in Nigeria, my interaction with its people, i realized that Nigerians lack knowledge of us in the Caribbean which is sad.

So please read up on your history. Africa was once one of the the richest nations, now we are separated by greed, scorn and tribal wars.

Its time Africa Unites!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:42 AM