Alex Maduegbuna

Profile Updated: February 6, 2010
Class Year: 2005
Yes! Attending Reunion



26th November







Where Are You Now?

In a very boring town.

Hostel/House At GISS:

Nnamdi Azikiwe(hostel A)

Were You a Prefect? Which Post?


Favorite GISS Memories?

Visit to grand hotel Assaba

Least Fav. GISS Memories?

Extensive flogging for disobeying the school rule(watching uefa champions league by 11.00pm)I can still feel the pains on my butt

Favorite GISS Teachers?

MR AHANOTU, MR OKORO(His early morning call for jogging still ring in my ears), UNCLE YOMI.

Your Most Memorable GISS Sayings/Slangs?

Mpichaichi.(for those who understand)

What Are the Lessons You Learned From GISS?

I learnt a lot of things that has helped me even after my days as a giss student.I learnt to be SELF DEPENDENT,HARDWORKING,TRUTHFULL,COMPORTMENT,TIME MANAGEMENT and a lot of things that cannot be expressed by words alone.

What Do You Miss Most About GISS?

Jumping into the football pitch with my peers(Have not played soccer since I left giss).

About Me:

I have really changed a lot since I left GISS.I use to be a quiet kid and talk less especially in the pulic,but not anymore.My experience in GISS has truely nortured me into being what I am destined to be.No longer the little shy boy shall you find in me,but a man that has come to understand that BEHIND THE STORY OF EVERY SUCCESS LIES A ROAD OF THORNS.